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Can any Brits offer London & Wimbledon tips? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 8, 2001
My sister-in-law and her friend will be in London the first week of July. Neither one of them has been there before. They definitely want to see a match or two at Wimbledon. They've been checking Ebay for tickets. Do you think this is their best bet?

What else should a couple of single women see while in London? Anyone interested in showing them around?

andrew markworthy

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 1999
Alas, won't be in London. I'm not a tennis fan, but my understanding of Wimbledon is that it isn't particularly difficult to see a match or two, provided you don't want to see the really big names on Centre and No. 1 court. Most of the latter tickets have been snapped up by fat cat corporate entertainments.
Don't know what to advise further without knowing the tastes of the people involved. The usual recommendations of things to see include:
Tower of London
Westminster Abbey
The National Gallery (a tidy proportion of the world's great paintings are here - if your s-in-l and friend like modern art, then a trip to the Tate Gallery might be an idea)
St Paul's Cathedral
A lot of people are now recommending the London Eye, which is like a giant ferris wheel situated near the Houses of Parliament and which give panoramic views over the city (if you've a head for heights).
Note that for a large number of things, you will have to queue.
There is of course the theatre. A lot of the big hit shows at the moment are ex-Broadway, but if your sister-in-law or friend are into classical drama, then a trip to the Royal Shakespeare Company at their London base may be worth the effort. There's also The Globe, which is a replica of Shakespeare's original theatre (and pretty near its original site). Note that this is largely open air.
To find out what's on in London, try Time Out (http://www.timeout.com/london/) which is a weekly(?) magazine guide to what's on in the capital.
Incidentally, Roger, if you're looking through any old threads on the HTF pertaining to London, there's one I and a few other Brits contributed to a while ago - please note we were joking in it!

Maurice McCone

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 22, 2001
on the specifics of Wimbledon, their best bet is to go along and queue on the morning at Wimbledon.

There are some tickets available each day - and they do sell entry for the afternoon as people start to leave, this can get you into some good matches, especially in the first week.

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