Can a NuVo Concerto control a PC???

Discussion in 'Computers' started by dannyBie, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Hi there,

    I'm a newby here on HTF. I hope I have posted this in the right section of the goes!

    I have a NuVo Concerto system hooked up with four zones and only one media source - a PC running Windows XP Pro (not MCE).

    Currently, the PC can be controlled by a NEVO SL remote, however I would like to be able to control the PC via the Concerto keypads to give the following functionality:

    A) Select from audio files on the PC (Album/track/random/repeat functions - maybe playlist???)
    B) Select from internet radio stations (perhaps ones I preset so you can scroll through them)
    C) Have multiple sound cards to act as multiple sources so that I can have different media playing in different rooms

    Can this be achieved and if so, how?? What software/hardware would I need?

    Thank you,

    Danny in Sydney, Australia
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    Hmmm. The Concerto has an RS232 interface, right? If so, I think there must be a way to use my HA/HT package, CQC [] to do this; we need to figure out how to use the concerto keypads as an input device; that could be the sticky wicket. You may want to post a question on the forums there about this as the tech guys there may have a path available.

    Everything else is doable. I don't think there's a current CQC driver for the Concerto, but that's overcome-able.

    In that case, all you'd need is CQC, which is $200 base [$300 for the full suite if you go whole hog, but you only need the base for your current fxnlty]

    BTW, you don't need multiple sound cards. One delta 410 (i just got one for $60 off eBay) will do the trick. It can handle 4 concurrent audio streams, and you can use 4 instances of ZoomPlayer standard [free] to drive each zone. CQC in turn can drive what gets rendered on each zone.

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