Can 2 Amplifiers connect to 1 set of front speakers?

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    Please can anyone help my costly mistake?
    I have 2 amplifiers, a straight Nad amp and a Onkyo AV amp which I bought while my Nad was in repair and thought it just might replace the Nad in thinking the Onkyo would be a good all rounder, (I was going to give the Nad to my son) how Wrong I was. This is what I have resorted to, my CD player is hooked to the Nad, my DVD player is hooked to the Onkyo, when I listen to CD, I connect the front speaker cables to the Nad, which gives a much better pure audio sound. When I watch a movie, I then have to take the cables out of the Nad and hook them to the Onkyo. I excepted this until we moved house and now due to location, cannot get to the back of the amps to switch the speaker cables, HOW can I sort this one, the Onkyo has no speaker pre-outs, I thought of some kind of switcher box, but am not sure if that would do the job and getting hold of one.
    Someone suggested hooking the Nad from the Onkyo tape out and have both amps running while watching movies, but how would this work when I would have to switch sources from DVD to Tape on the Onkyo???
    Any plane English suggestions would be very much appreciated as I feel like just buying a decent Nad all rounder for which my wife would cut my balls off!!!!
    how Wrong I was
  2. ChrisWiggles

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    You could try a speaker cable switcher. Radio shack sells a basic one, and very cheap $$ indeed. I'm sure that would suit you fine.
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  4. Allan Jayne

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    Do not connect two amps to the same set of speaker terminals without a switcher in between. Otherwise you can blow the amps. It must never be possible for audio to come from one amp's speaker out terminals and go into the speaker out terminals of another.
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