Cambridge SoundWorks Newton MC300 Center / Main Speakers (2 available)

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    A compact but powerful main or center speaker, the Newton MC300 uses two 4-inch midrange drivers and a 1-inch reinforced silk dome tweeter. The MTM (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) design produces a robust, wide-range, well-dispersed output with outstanding musical accuracy. These speakers are very easy to listen to for many hours without the usual ‘listener fatigue’ that accompanies so many speakers produced today.

    The speakers can be hung on the wall, attached to a wall-mount bracket, set on a bookshelf, or attached to stands. These are lightly used and in excellent condition. They have never been over-driven or abused in any way.

    When paired with my Marantz receiver they produced a very natural/neutral sound and were surprisingly revealing. These speakers excel at reproducing recordings in small settings, and are especially good with vocals. Would benefit from a subwoofer when playing rock, large orchestral pieces, or in a Home Theater setting.

    I have two of these which I will sell together or separately. Each speaker comes with it’s own speaker stand for use when placing the speaker in a horizontal configuration. These would look great on the wall on either side of your flat panel, or anywhere a narrow speaker is preferred.

    See pics (some reflections are apparent in the pics, these are NOT flaws in either the speaker or the cloth covers, which are in near-perfect condition).

    Check out the excellent reviews:


    Color: Slate Grey
    Dimensions: 13 ¼” (w) x 5 ¼” (h) x 6 ½” (d)
    Weight: Approx. 7 lbs.

    Speaker complement (in an MTM (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) configuration):
    - Tweeter: 1-inch Silk Dome
    - Midrange: Two 4-inch molded-composite diaphragm bass/midrange drivers

    For use with amplifiers rated from 10 - 150 watts.

    These speakers have given me many hours of listening enjoyment. I hate to part with them, but my loss is your gain! Don’t miss out on these wonderful speakers in as-new condition Will be shipped using the original box and packing materials. $80 each + cost of shipping.

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    Hello gregc, do you still have these mc300 speakers? My name is Jaime....Tel 650 740 6854.

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