Cambridge 540D Problems

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by BenBerentson, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Bought a Cambridge 540D player recently...came a week or two ago and when it came, right out of the box, it wouldn't load CDs or DVDs. It made a grinding sound when trying to load. Called the dealer, said to unplug it and then let it warm up and then try it. Bingo. Worked fine. The guy said it was a cold day and it needed time to warm up. It wrked fine for a while, but has slowly started stopping in the middle of DVDs, then not making it from the root menu to playing, and now it just wont load. Turning it off and on or reloading the disc used to work, but now it just doesn't do anything. Sometimes it loads, and then just hangs up and I get the player on graphic screen. Sometimes it makes a grinding sound like a blender. It's a little drafty in my apt and has been cold recently...could this be playing a part or is this unit just a lemon? Either way, I'm bitterly disappointed.


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    Unless your apartment is an igloo, return the player. It should work.

    I just returned a CSW Table Radio last week. The guy asked what was the matter and I told him it would not load a CD. He said that was impossible and before I could tell him that it also eats the CD's (the loading mechanism actually chewed up the plastic), he destroyed a Telarc demo CD. Never saw a CD player that "ate" CD's like a cassette player eats tapes.[​IMG]

    They replaced it, no questions asked.

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