calling dishdepot today...suggestions?

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    Hi guys,
    I think I'm going to call DishDepot today and order a HD setup. I'm currently a Directv customer (for about another 6 hours).
    So with that said, this Dish Network setup is a little confusing for me. This is what I think I need:
    Dish 6000 receiver
    8VSB module for local HD channels
    Dish 500 (20")
    Dish 300 (18")
    OTA antenna.
    Steve Tannehill said I need 2 dishes. Is there an elliptical dish for HD+other feeds like Directv uses so I can eliminate a second dish? Otherwise, can I use my current Hughes round dish to save a couple of buck?
    I'm still a little confused.
    Also, Panasonic PT-56WFX95 owners, are there any know problems with this set up?
    Thanks a million.
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    Yes, you can use your Hughes round Dish and LNB.
    The Dish500 antenna IS oval, and looks to Dish's main satellites at 110’ WL and 119’ WL. The HD contenet is on a third satellite at 61.5’ WL, and it is not possible to pick up all three satellites with a single dish.
    You're also going to need one SW-21 switch to combine the signals from the two dishes into a single cable that runs to your receiver.
    Make sure you get the version of the Dish500 antenna that has the Twin LNB. This minimizes the amount of cabling that you'll need and will allow you to connect (with one additional SW-21 switch) a second receiver at a later date, provided that your Hughes round dish has a dual LNB.
    Mark at Dishdepot is a real pro and will get you exactly what you need.
    San Diego, CA

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