Call of Duty or Battlefield 1942

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by LarryDavenport, Jun 9, 2005.

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    My boss gifted me with a Mac G4 and I want to buy a WW2 shooter for it. Would you recommend Call of Duty or Battlefield 1942?
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    Call of Duty and its expansion IMO. Call of Duty has a GREAT infantry single player AND multiplayer experience and the expansion adds some GREAT fun with tanks in multiplayer (but they do not completely destroy infantry either as infantry have access to panzerfausts and a couple well placed shots to the rear of the tank is the end of it).

    Call of Duty also has some great iron sights and several multiplayer game modes. One (this being my fav) is kind of like Counter Strike. One team has to try and destroy an objective (arty/AA/etc..) and the other must defend it. Once you are killed however you must spec till the round ends. There are however several other multiplayer modes where you can just respawn also if you don't care for the counter strike style of play.

    Battlefield to start off has more of an 'arcade feel' kind of like if you added ww2 weapons, tanks, planes into Quake IMO. The single player game doesn't exist (its multiplayer with bots) and the infantry game IMO is also very poor as tanks and planes dominate.

    (Please note my copy has been uninstalled and on the shelf since a couple of months after it went retail where as my copy of Call of Duty has been installed since it went retail up until last month when I had to uninstal due to space to try other games. Any changes via recent patches I know nothing about.)

    Some do perfer the battlefield style of play but if it were me and I had to choose one I'd go with Call of Duty + the United Offensive expansion pack.

    edit: Gah see what you caused! I just uninstalled Doom3 + Expansion to install Call of Duty back [​IMG]

    Ah well I was getting a bit bored with Doom3's expansion anyway as the CTF wasn't as good as I had hoped and there are very few good servers out there to play it on [​IMG]

    Oddly enough even with a cable modem and a pc that can handle HL2/Doom3 I find the Xbox version (for multiplayer) of Doom3 to be much more fun. Chatting with a mic while fragging each other and the Co Op is a BLAST. Where as finding GOOD (read: server can handle the load) servers to play doom3's expansion on is a pain.

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