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Calibrators- Tosh 57HX81 vs Mits WS-65815 (1 Viewer)

James Edward

Supporting Actor
May 1, 2000
I currently own a Tosh 57HX81, the first model that Toshiba upconverted signals other than 1080i to 540P.
I remember several ISF calibrators stating that the upconversion was faulty, lowering overall resolution.

I am now enlarging my den slightly, and want to get a
65" CRT RPTV before they go away. It seems that the Mitsubishi Diamond Series WS-5815 is my best choice for overall picture quality(I watch about 90% DVD, 10% TV).

Sveral questions:

Is the 65815 a good choice...

Should I go right out and get a DVD player with HDMI output to go with the new set. (Currently I own a Mits DD-8040).

Should I ditch DirecTV and go with Cablevision, since I can use the CableCard input on the set.

Thank you for any replies...

Michael TLV

THX Video Instructor/Calibrator
Senior HTF Member
Mar 16, 2000
Calgary, Alberta
Real Name
Michael Chen

The Mits is a good choice and calibrates well.

You could just get a DVD player that upconverts to 1080 via component for your Toshiba if you wanted to bypass the degradation on 540P.


Dick Boneske

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Dec 31, 2004
I also own an Toshiba 57HX81. HD sources are Direct TV via a Hughes HD receiver and local stations using an antenna connected to the Hughes receiver.

One friend has a 60" Sony DLP, another a Sony 57" CRT RPTV, and a third a Hitachi 50" CRT RPTV. The Toshiba is noticeably better than any of them. So much so in fact, that two of my friends bought Toshibas (65HX81 and 57HX81) based on this comparison. With HD sources or DVD's, the color rendition and resolution is outstanding with my Toshiba. It is three years old now, and I have no desire to replace it.

It seems to me that you are about to spend a lot of money for a Mits that won't be any better-or not as good--as the Toshiba you already have. Just because some calibrator said the upconversion is faulty doesn't mean it's true. Use your eyes to evaluate picture quality. Also, if you don't have HD capability with your system, any of these TV's are a waste of money. There are many HD broadcasting stations in New York that are free--just add antenna and set top box or Direct TV HD receiver. For less than $200, you can have outstanding HD with no monthly fee.

James Edward

Supporting Actor
May 1, 2000
Don't get me wrong, Dick. I'm not replacing the Toshiba because I think the picture is lacking- I've had it calibrated twice, and love the picture. But with a little more room, I want to go a step up in picture size. I did not mean to denigrate the HX81's, just get some opinions on whether or not the WS-65815 would at least equal my current set. I also have a Hughes HD receiver.

I actually work as a helper doing installs of A/V equipment, and feel that other than front projection in a light controlled environment, CRT RPTV's easily give the best picture for DVD viewing. I never come home, look at my set, and wish I had a plasma, DLP, or LCD instead.

And, as I stated, I want to get one before they go the way of the turntable(I like them too).

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