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Apr 20, 2002
ok guys ive been reading for a while about calabarating speakers. I have the access to a calabration disc, and understand to calabrate to 75 dbs. My question is how in regards to getting all speakers to read 75db. I know about the spl meter. Im confused about if one is speaker is over/under 75db, where do i change the volume? Do i change the db reading for the indivdual speaker up or down? Theoretically, if i set all 6 speakers to the same db level on the reciever shouldnt they read the same on the spl meter, takin into consideration that the speakers are of all the same make? Also, my reciever allows me to change the khz for the treble and mids and the hz for the bass on all 6 speakers...is there a standard for the these settings or is that based on indivdual listening?
By the way.... this is just my second post and ive been reading up here for a little while,im new to the home theater "disease" and just completed my first system. Id like to thank everyone who takes there time to post, you have helped me enormously.Id be lost without u.:D
Heres my first shot at a system:
Sony 43" RPTV
Sony de1075 receiver
Sony 360 dvd player (yes i had problems with this unit too}
Sony sacd 5 disc carosel cd player
Sony psII
Shaw digital cablebox
Panasonic hifi vhs
Speakers: All Energy
xl 26 fronts
ac 300 front center
xl c2 rear center
take 2.2 rear surrounds
xl s12x sub
Apr 20, 2002
i also forgot to ask about my sound level. my receiver reads from -110db to -20db is as far as ive turned it up. Whats with the negitive? how do i read my sound level if it shows negitive dbs?:b

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
also forgot to ask about my sound level. my receiver reads from -110db to -20db is as far as ive turned it up. Whats with the negitive? how do i read my sound level if it shows negitive dbs?
Well, I'm sure you know that you're getting sound from the speakers with the volume at a negative number, so you will obviously be able to measure output regardless.

Just for your own knowledge, In the audio world, often the scale of a volume setting will max out at 0 (or maybe it will let you crank to +4). So all volume settings tend to be below that 0 point (so negative numbers are used).

It doesn't matter at what position your master volume knob is placed, or for that matter what number it says. Calibration is a measure of OUTPUT, so even if the volume knob was marked with Japanese characters- you should still be able to calibrate with no problem.

Usually the approach is this:

- Set each of the individual speaker settings to 0. So, go into the menu- and adjust all the available speaker settings so they aren't boosting or cutting. Set them all at 0.

- Setup your meter at you listening position, appoximately at the height of your chin while seated, and point it forward, angled upward at about 40 degrees. It is usually helpful to place the meter on a tripod- the RS SPL meter has a nice tripod mount on the back.

- Insert you test tone disc and begin the audio test for speaker calibration.

- The majoirty of discs start with the left speaker. While the left speaker tone is playing- increase the master volume position until you reach 75db on your meter (or 85 is you're using Avia- double check the instructions for your particular disc to determine target level)

- As the tone cycles to the other speakers- leave the master volume alone- and adjust the individual speaker levels in the receiver menu so that each speaker measures the same level on the meter. It may take a couple times through to get it right- but keep working at it, and leave the meter in the same place.

At the end, take note of where your master volume knob is (what number)- this is Dolby's Ref level. You probably won't listen much at that position-- but often it is helpful to know how many clicks below ref you are.

-Hope That Helps


Adam J

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 2, 2002
I have an HK-120 receiver and I noticed in the instruction book that the treble and bass settings only effect the L-Front and R-Front speakers. (Sub too if you are using one). The surround speakers and center channel are not effected by changes to the bass and treble settings. Your receiver may be the same way.

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
vince - i don't recall any info about calibrating in the newbie primer thread...you should bust that one out! :)
Apr 20, 2002
:D Wow, i cant thank you enough for your help. I really appreciate the time you took to answer this thread. Everything is totally clear . Thanks again

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