Calibration with Onkyo 696 and Panny RP91

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Mike Main, Mar 28, 2002.

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    I hope someone can help.

    I have my Panny RP91 DVD component video out to the onkyo 696 reciever in the receiver out to my sony 51hw40 tv. Then I have my HD sat receiver running direct to tv (so I dont have to turn on the receiver just to watch tv).

    My question is I played a DVD last nite and the picture color was off. I have an Avia disk to calibrate, but if I calibrate to the DVD color will my TV coloring be off? Or should I just connect the Satellite into the receiver so there are no problems?

    Thanks Mike
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    Mike - I'm assuming that your TV has more than one component input, one for the HDTV receiver and one for the DVD player. My question to you is why go through the A/V receiver at all? You're really not switching component inputs since you have the set-top box connected directly to the TV. Running the component out from the DVD player to the receiver and then the receiver to the TV is introducing something into the signal path that doesn't need to be there, plus you're using two component video cables to connect one device to the television. My recommendation would be to connect your DVD player directly the TV and get your receiver out of the loop entirely.
  3. Ted Lee

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    i don't know a lot about sat receivers, but if they're anything like my digital cable, the picture and sound quality can vary significantly from channel to channel.

    my sony tv only has one aux input, so i had to run everything through my receiver - which is the way i like it anyway.

    so i just decided to calibrate to my dvd spec then just not worry about the rest of the video sources. dvd's are most important to me anyway.

    doug's idea is pretty good...especially if your tv will allow you to save different settings for each input. that would be ideal.

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