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Morlan Liu

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 19, 2003
This is my first HT attempt so any advice is helpful. I currently have:

Yamaha RX-V530 Receiver
JBL NSP1 II Speakers
DLS 10 Subwoofer
PlayStation 2 (Temporary DVD Player)

I have used Video Essentials to calibrate all channels to 75db using a Craftsman SPL meter.

Here are my issues:

1. Surround speakers are not very noticeable playing both DTS and DD. At higher levels, Ref -20, sounds pretty good. But Ref -25 or -30 sounds pretty weak!

2. Subwoofer doesn't seem very noticeable too. I don't really feel it.

Any advice? I'm waiting for a new amp from PartsExpress for the sub also because of the Auto-On problem.

Does it have to do with the DVD player? I'm going to get a Panasonic DVD-S35 soon. Will that improve the audio? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Michael Bailey

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 20, 2001
I would try playing it at reference level to see if bass/surround sounds are more noticable.
I run my sub about 5db above what video essentials recommends. This is especially helpful if you typically listen -20 to -10 below ref level.
If the surrounds are under-performing after calibration its probably the disk you are using does not have real active surround sounds. Try another disk thats known to have alot of surround info ie Saving Private Ryan.
Hope that helps!
ps I dont think the DVD player is the problem as long as the ps will let you hook up to the receiver with a digital cable either coax or optical. MB

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