Calibration advice/?'s on my Pioneer 533

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    Back in July I finally got my Pioneer SD-533HD5 delivered. I love it, but there are some issues I have.

    First, I can't get the convergence to look good as it seems that some of the lines, especially along the edges of the screen, aren't straight....maybe a geometry issue?

    Second, on any scenes which are mostly dark/black and there is a bright source of light (white), there is an obvious "halo" effect. This is often obvious during credits. If the white words are in the middle of the screen there will be a noticeable white glowing ring extending down and left of the words. What is this and how can I get rid of it?

    Third, what services are recommended for my set? Service Menu Convergence, Geometry, overscan, ????. I'd appreciate any suggestions especially from ISF calibrators familiar with this set. Also, are there any calibrators in the Philadelphia area or who have a tour scheduled in my area?

    Fourth, I have already used AVIA for the basics. I watch standard cable, dvd, and HDTV on this RPTV. I am not familiar enough with the set to know if these adjustments would need to be made for multiple inputs or if they just have to be done once to the set for all inputs.

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