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    I have a Sony KV-32HS20 and recently bought the Avia disk. I didn't really know what to expect but I expected a little more than to just change the brightness and sharpness and stuff like that, I thought it was going to teach you step by step how to do the more advance stuff. But it just jumps into the advance stuff leaving me behind.
    So should I just leave that stuff alone or open up the back and see what I can do. Or should I get the T.V. calibrated by a professional, if so how do I find one in my area. Long Beach, CA.
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    For starters, you could head over to and check out the "Tweaks" section. There's a lot of good information about video calibration. Some of the tweaks are easier than others, but there are charts and guidelines that will give you a sense of how complex they are. That should help you decide if you should tackle them yourself.
    I'm not too familiar with your TV, but in terms of whether to have it ISF calibrated, the decision could partly be based on the cost of the TV. By that I mean that ISF calibration will cost a couple hundred dollars or more, and you might want to weigh that cost against the value of the TV.
    If you do decide you want the calibration, one way to find a good ISF tech. is to post a message here and at other HT forums asking for a recommendation. Someone in your area will likely be able to recommend someone based on experience.
    Good luck!

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