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  1. Takosan

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    Sep 1, 2000
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    Finally sat down to calibrate my speakers & the new PC+16-46. I want to make sure I did it right & also have a question about the level of the sub.

    I used VE & calibrated all to about 75 on the Radioshack meter. I did it by setting the receiver volume to read "0" (since it's easy to remember), setup the meter on a tripod on the couch @ the same height as listner's ear, angled the meter upwards @ 45 degrees, & went through the tones.

    When all was set & done I adjusted my Marantz SR-7000's channels to the following:

    front left: +6
    front right: +5
    sub: -5 (per PC+ manual)
    center: +6
    rear left: +6
    rear right +8

    For the sub the meter was reading about 78 with the gain knob at 4th tick from left.

    Is this about the right setting for the sub or is it too high/low? Is this what it means by running it 'hot?'

    Never had any kind of sub in my setup. Boy, was I missing a lot. What a difference when watching movies!!!!!

    Even music ... I used to like to listen to CDs in the source direct mode so there were no artificial processing of the sound by the different modes of the receiver but now I'm liking the 5ch stereo mode as much as the source direct mode!

  2. Steve_Ma

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    May 7, 2001
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    I have the SR7000. I don't own an SVS, so I can't comment on the gain knob and its relation to the channel setting on the Marantz. But it sounds like you did everything right. In fact, I think my numbers are similar. Yes, you should calibrate with the volume on 0. If all channels are calibrated to 75db and the sub is reading 78db, you are correct in that the sub is 3dbs "hot" (relative to the other channels).

    I also keep my sub engaged for music despite having pretty capable towers. It's amazing how much deep bass is in many music CD's. I never knew I was missing all that until I got a sub.

  3. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    I have my sub set to 79dB or 4dB hot. Keep in mind that the sound level meter from radio shack is a little off on low frequency test tones.
  4. steve nn

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    Jan 12, 2002
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    I have been under the assumption that the meeter is off a couple dbs, so when we set our subs at +2 to +4 dbs we are really setting them at +4 to +6 dbs? I have a digital meter and have went with the assumption it reads low to? I have a stacked configuration with a +6db boost over there individual +2db calibration which brings them in at +8db collectively. So I am at kind of a loss on what I should calibrate to. I want to benefit from having two but don't want the sound to thick though. I seem to change the setting quit often anyway considering the movie I'm viewing and circumstances. I think of calibration being at +2db individually but maybe true calibration for me ought to be maybe -2 individually or so which together would bring them both in together at +4db. Am I making any sense?[​IMG]

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