Calibrating Speakers with S&V disk... Few Qs...

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    I have a few questions regarding calibrating speakers with the S&V disk. I'm using 4 Paradigm Titans with a CC-170 and a Kenwood HTiB Sub (To be upgraded to a SVS 0r at worst a Paradigm sub as soon as cash permits) powered by a Kenwood VR-509.

    First, I calibrated my system back in may when I bought the disk and the SPL Meter, that was about 3 weeks after I got the speakers. Ref Level (If test tones @ 85db means ref) is with the volume at -22 for DTS or -18 for AC3. Then I checked again last week and now the ref levels are -21 and -17! Why is everything 1db quieter? Speaker Break In? Speaker Cable Break-In? Amp wear? SPL Meter going "Deaf"? I'm a little worried here!

    The other question is about the sub, I know my sub is a wimpy one, but anyway. When using the S&V disk, there is this tone that plays on the left speaker and then the sub and their SPL are supposed to match on the meter. I did that, although the sub's SPL seems to fluctuate a lot, the average is about the same as the main's level. My question is, with those at (Almost) the same level, does that make the subwoofer 10db louder than the rest as per reference levels (105db for all spks, 115 for the sub) or should I set my dub at 10db higher than that of the left channel.

    Also, when I watch a movie, the confortable listening level for me is about 10 under reference (-27 on the dial give or take a few depending on the movie) but whenever I play music (From Ogg files on my PC connected to the SPDIF input) the confortable listening level is more around the -40 mark? Why are Ogg Files louder than DVD?
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    The change of 1 "volume unit" is insignificant. The markings on the volume knob are not exact decibels.

    The LFE adds the 10db so don't worry about that.

    Reference level for movies has no relation to straight music playback. Music at 95db is considered very loud as it is usually sustained volume. Forget about reference when it comes to music. Just set it to whatever you like. The same of course goes for movies, you don't have to watch everything at reference level and every dvd varies in loudness so the volume knob position that is correct for your setup DVD will often not match that of a real movie.


    LOTR and most DTS dvd's are louder than Avia/S+V
    The phantom menace and monsters inc are lower than Avia/S+V

    Super Speedway is recorded at a ridiculously high level relative to other discs. If you first watched The Phantom Menace at reference and then switched to SSW your speakers would probably explode.

    The only thing that matters is balancing the relative levels of your speakers. Then just enjoy your movies and music at whatever volume you feel like.
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    I am not sure if the DD sub level or the DTS for that matter is recorded correctly on the S&V HTT disc. All I know is when I matched my sub with my left main, my sub level on my receiver was at -12 (+12 to -12) and my sub volume on the plate amp was at 4 clicks out of 40 (basically almost off). I could barely hear it. So I put the sub 10dB above the mains using the S&V HTT disc and that sounded level too me. Oddly enough that matched my sub level setting when I borrowed a copy of VE and calibrated my system.
    Anyone experience this???

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