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    So I finally got a subwoofer and decided that it was about time I calibrated my speakers. Right now I just have the Axiom 22's for the mains and the jbl pb-10 for the sub, hooked up to an Onkyo 595.

    I buy the AVIA disk and an SPL meter and get ready to party.
    Now, I finished calibrating it but I don't know if I did it correctly. What I did was set the volume to like 40 (the highest it goes is 70). I then played all those test tones and turned the db levels up for the r/l sub until the SPL read 85db.

    The question I have is that I had to turn the db level to +9/8 for the mains, and +1 for the sub. Which made me wonder if everything was set up correctly since there is a noticable hiss coming from the speakers during quiet periods in movies.

    Also, I have to turn the sub volume all the up in order to hear some decent bass. I've tried moving it around to possible locations but nothing helped.

    It almost seems that there isn't enough power or something.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

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    Neil Joseph
    To adjust the mains, you use the volume control to set them to 75dB (or 85, your preference). The centre, surrounds, and sub levels are adjusted on the receiver using the centre, surround, and sub level adjusts. Do not adjust the volume control once you set up the level for the main speakers.

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