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Calibrating New 6.1 setup?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Steve Young, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Steve Young

    Steve Young Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 16, 1999
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    Steve Young
    In the past I have used VE to calibrate my old Yamaha RX-V995 5.1 setup. I used my RS SPL meter and calibrated the 5 main speakers to 75dB and the sub to something like 80dB. Now I have a new AVR(Marantz SR-7500) and a 6.1 speaker setup. Obviously my old VE disc isn't going to work with this setup, so I just used the internal test tones of the AVR. Is this ok, or should I get a new copy of DVE to do my calibrating?
    I was playing a music DVD (Godsmack - Changes) and when I switch between the DD and DTS tracks, the DTS is alot lower output. On my old Yamaha I had a separate setting for DTS LFE output, which I always left on +10dB after reading about how DTS LFE tracks were 10dB lower than DD. But I have read recently that newer DVDs won't have this problem?
    My new AVR doesn't have any separate settings for DD and DTS.

    Any help on this is appreciated.

  2. Brian L

    Brian L Cinematographer

    Jul 8, 1998
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    I belive the +10 DTS issue related to early DTS music discs. I have not been a big time DTS user, so I could be mistaken about that, but I have read that in the past.

    As for overall channel balance, I have read posts from some industry pros (John Kotches of WSR magazine, and Roger Dressler of Dolby labs) that advocate using the internal test tones.

    While DVE does have 6 channel tones, it has some other flaws that prevent me from recommending it (search DVE and LFE for some additional reading on the subject).

    Lastly, your initial observation of a difference between a DD and DTS track may simply be that they are encoded at different levels. I have noted some level differences between the two tracks on occasion.


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