Calibrating for my SVS PB2 Plus

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by DavidNighorn, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Well, the beast is in the house and I am a bit confused. The sub that is being replaced is the B&W ASW-2000 from about 2001. After doing the calibration on the SVS, I ran through some if the favorites (Darla, Sock....) and was impressed. Not blown away, but impressed. This did not meet expectations that were built up from all of the OMG threads out there. Even Edward's review led me to expect more.

    I calibrated using the Anthem AVM-20 internal test tones and the RS digital SPL meter. All tones were set to 85db. I then did the sweep test to see what the SVS could do. Hands down, it had better extension and a much more even frequency response than my old sub. So what did I do wrong? I do not get the chest-thumping, pant leg flapping effect that I was looking for.

    So are the Anthem's test tones too low? Should I experiment with the phase? Any help would be appreciated. My wife is looking at the $1300 that I spent and is wondering what we got for it.

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    If the FR sweep looks good at the listening position (i.e., no big nulls or peaks), then just wick up the gain on the subwoofer a few dB and see how you like that.

    Also double check the following:

    All speakers set to small.
    Pre/pro xo set to 80 Hz.
    Sub level to -5 in the pre/pro.
    DVD player set to bitstream.
    All dynamic range control circuits off in DVD and pre/pro.
    All bass limiters off in pre/pro.
    LFE channel level set to max (i.e., unattenuated level) in pre/pro.
    Low pass filter disabled at the SVS.
    All ports open and tune switch to 25 Hz.
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    Quality bass does not necesarilly equal loud bass!

    If you can measure a good Response, then I'd leave it alone for a few weeks before tweaking. You might need to get used to hearing a higher quality, more accurate type of bass.


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