Calculating Cost of Home Photo Printing

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    Lately, I find myself printing more and more digital photos at home. I’m also finding that friends and co-workers are asking me to print or duplicate photos for them. Also, I’m really getting addicted to each DVD cover is 10.8 x 7.25 = 78.3 sq-in of printed area.

    The problem is cost ... I use an HP photo qualityt inkjet both at home and at work. Photo paper is getting cheaper (i.e. 50 sheets of Kodak glossy paper at Costco for $25), but one can spend a fortune on HP ink cartridges! I use a #78 color (srp $35) & a #15 B/W (srp $22).

    I want to calculate the real cost for HP vs Epson vs Sony dye-subl. In order to do this, I need to know how far a std HP inkjet cartridge will go. Specifically ... best quality color photo (w/ PhotoREt) w/ normal saturation & ink volume settings ... approximately how many 8x10 color prints can I get from a single cartridge. How much does it cost me in ink to print a DVD cover (78.3 sq-in).

    Are there any web sites out there that have tried to calculate this. Does anyone here have a good handle on this.

    I also want to compare home printed photos to, say ... 4x6 pics printed at Target for $0.29 ea.

    Any info would help.

    UPDATE: WOW! [​IMG] Here's an article/test on exactly this subject using my printer!
    OK ... quick & dirty ... updating the assumptions, here's what I come up with. My assumptions are in red.

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    My conclusion is that if I want prints, I go to Costco. This is after 3+ years of figuring out the cheapest and highest quality to get the photos I want onto paper.

    20c/ea for 4x6, up to $1.99 for 8x10. Full Glossies, and at mine, color is spot on, and resolution is tops, and they're better than any consumer inkjet print I've ever seen, by a fair margin. I've tried MANY MANY online services, and the only one that matches Costco's quality is Of course, they are more expensive.


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