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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by WilliamPC, Jan 31, 2005.

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    May 13, 2004
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    I come from the Car Audio world and Cadence is a pretty well known smallish brand of gear. They make top quality amps and some pretty good speakers.

    Surfing Ebay for car audio speakers I came across these home audio speakers and wondered if anyone knew anything about them.

    I find the use of a 3x6 speaker to be odd. Thats a strange size even in the car audio world.

    Anyone know how Cadence performs on the home front?
  2. Dan DRC

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    Dec 4, 2001
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    Not sure if it is the same company that is known to the car audio fans. I did look at the link and the whole thing looks a little " to good to be true" for the price. I would proceed with caution. Ebay is full of cheap junk that is a rip off. Be careful and research it as much as possible.
  3. Geoff L

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    Dec 9, 2000
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    Their real, branching into home audio.

    To what extent is the quaility of product, thats a different story.

    The (newest line out, is not even up on their web site), which is extremy limited with models and specs, as far as their home audio goes. The seller has far more info on each speaker model or speaker package than the web site not.

    Pretty well known for decent stuff to very good "in the car audio world", their home audio, I would proceed with caution as menioned.

    They have sold a ton of their 2 different models of 12" powered subs, and people seem to be happy with them. But what do these people have to compare that Cadence sub to! Specs look decent, (a place easy to fib), and the newest 12" with the rounded font, the weight & specs look impressive for it's size, but that only tells so much.

    At the price, maybe a garage or party system if their not up to par & quaility of their even average car audio stuff.

    The odd size driver seen in the one speaker setup, is not totally unseen in home audio speakers, but are very expensive to make & seen in much higher end speaks cost some major bling bling. I highly doubt Focal, Usher, Vifa, HiVi, etc/etc, make the drivers for them. [​IMG]

    Their odd egg shape driver is much more apt to be built in China or overseas somewhere, along with possibly the entire speaker line.

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