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    Ok, here's my problem. I have only 1 scart socket on my TV, so I'm buying a new scart switch box and new cables and a new SVHS vcr. I use my stereo as my sound source and use my tv as the monitor. My video is plugged into my SKY digibox and the digibox into my tv.
    I have QED cables and they are superb. I use and RGB only cable for my DVD and I am intending to buy RGB SCARTS(no audio) again. Now, I know I'll need a fully wired scart (with audio) from my VCR to my SKY DIGI box , so that it can rcord the complete signal to tape. Now, I'm intending to use my switch box to plug the cable from my skybox and DVD player into and then plug a scart from that into my tv.
    (I'm sure this is confusing!)
    Can I use just and RGB cable from the switchbox to my TV (basically, the "umbilical" from my av kit to the monitor) as the audio is seperate? OR will the SHS signal not come through as it's not compatible with RGB?
    can anyone help?
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    An RGB SCART cable can carry S-Video with no problems. See
    S-Video's chroma signal is carried by the same wires as RGB's Red connection, while the luminance signal uses the same line as Sync.
    Of course, your switch has to select among the S-Video and RGB sources so they don't try to use the cable at the same time. Also, your TV has to sense what type of signal is present: RF, composite, s-video or RGB. Apparently some sets ignore the chroma signal and thus only display a black-and-white image.
    I hope this helps.

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