Cables too long - will this cause a problem?

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    I'm a total newbie to the home theater hobby, so please bear with me.

    I recently completed my HT buying spree and decided on some cables from BlueJeans Cables for my interconnects. When order the subwoofer and digital coax cables, I ordered lengths about twice what I thought I'd need (I wound up having to move my setup downstairs). Now I've got cable spaghetti behind my audio furniture. I read some of the cable management threads about separating the interconnects from the speaker wires from the power cords.

    Problem is, about the only way to do this would be if I looped the longer cables so the total length would keep them from dangling around each other. Will this cause any feedback problems? Or should I bite the bullet and get shorter interconnects? I can send the subwoofer cable back but the coax is past the 30 MBG, so I'd have to buy a new one.

    Also, my cable connection is in the middle of a long wall, so I've got a 15 ft run from the connector to my TV. However, I'm planning on running the speaker wire along that wall to one of my rears. Will there be any interference between the CATV cable and the speaker wire?

    Thanks for your help.
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    imagine all those wires and all those monitors in studios that are crossing, coiling, and still no problems.
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    Keep in mind - that 'shield' is like a gutter on your house. There has to be some 'drain' for noise to flow to. This is why the shield is connected to the zero-volt ground plane on your electronics. Just look at all the posts about speaker hum that are traced to the CATV coax. The noise is NOT arriving on the center wire, it's picked up by the shield and contaminates your equipment.

    While you CAN get away with bundling everything together, it's not good practice. Some people do it and say it works fine. But the trick is this: the magnetic field around a cable is based on CURRENT flow. While bundled cables appear to not have interference issues at modest volumes, when you turn the volume up, your AC power wires carry more current, as do your speaker wires. What was not an issue during a quick test becomes an issue when you turn up the volume to enjoy a good, loud action movie.

    So it's very cheap insurance to separate power wires from interconnects.

    Oh, and if you have a long interconnect, you can loop it, but make sure it's a long, lazy loop and not a tight coil and you should be fine.

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