Cables to connect DVD analog outputs from DVD player to reciever?

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    Walter Short
    I am looking to get some cables to connect my soon to be shipped Yamaha S-2300 to my Marantz reciever. I was hoping that the cable sellers would have a package of 6 short quality cables for this purpose but it seems that no one has packaged this as yet. It looks as though I will have to order 3 sets of pairs and was wondering what level of quality others have bought for conneting the analog outputs. It is a shame that in many cases 1 meter is as short as they come when my DVD is in the rack just above the reciever and my run will be less than 0.5 meter.
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    Hi Walt,

    I got some cables. Really good quality, and a fair price. They have 6 channel "sets" that you can purchase. Also, you can order by the foot (min 2 feet)..

    Kimo B.

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