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Apr 8, 2002
Looking to unload some great cables that I do not need. I am looking to sell quick, so the pricing is in accord with this.

MIT Terminator II RCA Interconnects 2M - $30
These cables are a little older than the others, but still work great. One of the cables has a small piece of the RCA tip missing, but this does not effect it's performance or grip. Condition is about 6/10

Homegrown Audio Super Silver II RCA Interconnects 1M (4 pairs) - $45 Each
These are the unsheathed model, but perform exactly the same. All cables are in great shape, 8/10. Come with original black felt pouch.

Better Cables Silver Serpent RCA Interconnects - $30(8') $40(12')
These cables are in very good condition. Used sparingly. Great for longer runs, and have a nice flexible outer jacket. Condition is about 7/10

PS Audio Mini Lab Power Cable 2m - $100
Used sparingly, in great shape, and supplies great clean power. Includes original bag. Condition is 8/10.

All cables are OBO, and if you would like to purchase multiple cables, discounts will be given. Pics are available upon request. Shipping will depend on where you live. If multiple cables are purchased, shipping is included within the continental US. I CAN NOT accept Paypal, only money orders, cash or checks. Personal checks are fine, but will need to wait for clearance before shipping cables out. I live in NY and work in CT, so cash and carry transactions are welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM. Thanks all.

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