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    I just got a Channel Vision 8 output RF amplifier/splitter.
    Before I was plagued by waves on the picture. It was very embarrasing on Thanksgiving. It might be because of the fact that I have all the cable lines running past the circuit breaker box in the basement. Anyway now with the RF splitter the pictures looks tolerably solid, still crappy, being cable, but tolerable.
    Anyway, my issue is that the Channel Vision Amp came with a Mod Input. What does this do? Can I use it for anything. It says I can hook up a number of modulators with way. WTF is a modulator?? Thanks HTF rocks!
    Here's the link to the amp:
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    A modulator is a device that takes a Audio & Video connection from say your VCR/Camcorder and converts it to a television channel frequency.

    Example: you have 1 DSS receiver. You take the audio/video output and feed it into the modulator. Since you know that CATV channel 112 is un-used in your area, you tell the modulator to convert the signal to channel 112. Then you feed this signal into the modulator input on your splitter.

    Now any TV in the system can tune to channel 112 and see the signal from the DSS system.

    You can also mount a security camera by your front door and feed the signal into the modulator. Now you can watch the front door from any channel by switching to channel 112.

    In truth, this is NOT a very useful feature. It's often cheaper to just buy another VCR/DSS receiver or DVD player. Many modulators do not even support stereo, let alone DD sound so there is a quality loss.

    Then you also have to have a remote that works from the other room to control the device.

    It's also difficult to find a un-used CATV channel. If you pick a channel that is being used by the CATV company, your splitter is now COMBINING two signals and you get a mix/garbage at your TV.

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