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    I'm looking to run rear surround speaker wire.
    I want to use 1 wall plate for the cable tv jack & the 2 rear surround speaker jacks.

    The room I'm doing this in is already constructed. The cable tv jack is already in place & connected. I have a pull wire in the junction box also so I can pull the speaker wire up the wall easily. I have attic access to run the wire across it & I'll eventually drill 2 holes in the ceiling & drop the wires thru it where they'll connect to the 2 ceiling mounted rear speakers.

    I was hoping to find a wall plate with 2 sets of speaker jacks & a cable TV jack.
    Couldn't find one but saw the 'build your own' wall plates in the Home Depot/Lowe's. I also saw one in an advertiser here, ramelectronics, whose prices looked cheaper than HD/Lowe's.

    My question is on the speaker jack inserts. (see parts 72-330 @ )

    How does the bare speaker wire in the wall connect to the jack? I see a small screw in the picture, Does the screw just hold the wire via pressure?
    How does the wire from the receiver to the other end of the jack connect? Can it be done with bare wire or do I need to connect the wire to some type of plug? I'm hoping I don't need to do any soldering (for which I have no experience or equipment)

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    Since they are called Banana Jacks, I imagine they were designed for Banana Plugs:Banana Plug at Radio Shack

    You simply attach the wire to these via screw or the cheaper ones crimp on.

    They come in connected pairs and singles. The width of the pairs is standardized, but they may not be correct for your plates. Check first.
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    A company called "Niles" makes some nice Decora wall plates with 2-8 speaker binding posts.

    My advice: Buy a blank wall-plate cover and drill holes. Pull enough speaker wire to create an un-broken run to your speakers.

    Leave some slack in the wall. Later, you can cut the wires off and intall a wall plate with binding posts.

    Using a un-broken run of wire has some advantages:

    - The un-broken run of wire has less breaks to come loose over time.

    - Bare wire, even behind the plate and in front will oxidize and have to be cut off and re-stripped every few years.

    - A un-broken speaker wire is considered 'better' for the sound.

    - Binding posts intrude into the room and actually look worse/draw attention to the ceiling.

    - A blank wall plate is usually less than $1. Nice plates with binding posts can be $30+

    Just something to think about.
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    This place has good prices on wall plates and accessories.


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