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  1. Jeff Evans

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    Jan 27, 1999
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    Hi everyone,
    I am in the process of building a house that is going to have a dedicated theater room. Right now, I need to know what I should be considering in terms of cabling. The room is fairly large... will have to report exact dimensions at later date.
    The following are my cabling destinations:
    Equipment Rack (rear left corner)
    Front Projector Mounting Point (on ceiling)
    65" HDTV at the front of the room
    HTPC (rear right corner)
    What type of cables should be run connecting these locations. Since I don't have any of the equipment picked out I would like to stay on the safe side but whatever equipment I do buy I want to be able to take advantage of its highest resolutions.
    Any specific brand name for each type that is recommended?
    Also, does the type of Front Projector you buy affect the distance from the screen. Since during construction they are going to reinforce and provide a dedicated 20A circuit for the projector I would like to get the placement right.
    Thanks for your help.
    Best Regards,
  2. Phil A

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    PVC run back and forth where you can fish wire into would be a good start. That way if you buy equipment, upgrade or change equipment you will be able to move it.
  3. Brian Corr

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    May 10, 1999
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    I second the advice on running PVC. This will give you more flexibility for pulling cable in the future.
    The distance for an FP mount will differ a little depending on the type of projector you go with. If you can determine the size of screen you want, and the max. and min. distance for mounting the projector in your room, you should be able to get an idea of where it will be mounted. Check They have lists and specs for most projectors with calculators to help you figure out the distance.
    As far as cabling goes, you will need S-video, component, speaker wire, and coax (RG-6) at the least. Possibly cat. 5 if you plan to network your system. You could order all the cable from a place like, buy in bulk and terminate the ends yourself. I like canare and use it in my system. Radio shack will have what you need also.
  4. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    When in doubt: run extra.
    You are going to run 12 ga speaker wire to the front, make sure you run at least 4 runs to the rear.
    You might also run 2 runs of 12 ga to either side of the primary seating area for side-speakers. This is in addition to the 4 runs to the rear for rear-speakers.
    Pick a corner that has the longest runs of walls without breaks (doors/windows). This will be the primary location for an external sub. Plan to run RG6 coax to this location for later use. Run RG6 to any other possible corner for a sub to give you flexability.
    The front projector: run both RGB and SVideo cables. Since you will have 2 sources of video (HTPC and DVD/DSS/VCR) are you going to go from the HTPC to the equipment rack first? Or are you going straight from the HTPC to the ceiling? This means you will want SVideo and Component runs from each rear corner.
    And dont forget to wire an electrical outlet on the ceiling as well.
  5. Jeff Evans

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    Jan 27, 1999
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    Thanks for all of your responses!!! Thought I would let you all know what I decided on.
    First the room has two equipment niches in the rear, spaced about 10' apart. I am running 2 PVC channels between niches. Also, there is a screen niche and subwoofer niche centered under the screen.
    12 AWG wire to 4 rear surround locations (2 on side wall, 2 on back wall), front left, front center, and front left. 1 monster subwoofer wire to front subwoofer niche, 1 monster subwoofer wire to front right corner (in case I want to have 2 subs, I really want to get one of those SVS subs that everyones talking up)
    1 - 15A dedicated circuit at rear left equipment niche
    1 - 20A decidated circuit at rear right equipment niche
    1 - 20A dedicated circuit at projector (this outlet will be in the attic) with one outlet in screen niche for screen
    1 - 20A decidated circuit with outlets at both sub locations
    3 RG6 from home run point ( 1 satellite, 1 CATV+, 1 internal feed) CATV+ means that it is the sum of the attic attenna plus CCTV cameras plus internal feeds plus CATV. Internal feed is to broadcast the video from the HT room through out the house using some similiar to a channel plus modulator.
    3 CAT5 ( 1 networking, 1 phone connection for DSS, 1 for networking at the second row seating)
    3 RG6 from right rear equipment niche to projector location. This is to be used for Svideo and Composite.
    1 RGB cable from right rear equipment niche to projector location.
    2 trigger wires for front screen ( 1 at right rear equipment niche, 1 at projector location)
    IR repeater prewire at front of room so I don't have to turn around to control equipment. Leaning towards using Xantech since I will be using that for the whole house audio/video distribution.
    I am also going to have a RG6 at the front of the room incase I want to add a RPTV later.... probably not.
    HTPC is going to be in one of the rear niches. How far does remote keyboard and mouse allow? I am planning on doing the audio/video switching through my receiver that I haven't picked out yet.

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