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    Hey guys,
    Not sure if this is the preferred forum for this sort of question, but here goes.
    I'm working on an article that will explain how to connect your PC to your stereo for Maximum PC magazine. The idea of the article is to be able to play back MP3 and WMA files through your stereo, so I'm not too concerned with multi-channel audio formats.
    I just wanted to consult the experts to make sure I don't get something wrong/forget something.
    First, how long an RCA cable can you use to send analog stereo signals without losing sound quality? How about using a digital SPDIF?
    The main methods I'm going to cover for connection are a straight analog mini-plug to RCA cable, using a digital output from your soundcard to a digital input on your stereo, and using some sort of device that talks to your PC via Ethernet (like the Turtle Beach MP3 jukebox, or the SonicBlue RioReceiver). I've experimented with some of the 900MHz wireless devices, but found them wholly unsatisfactory for even casual users.
    Any other products or ideas would be much appreciated [​IMG]
    ///Will Smith
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    The good coax used in interconnects usually have 100 feet rolled out then tested and the results published. They try to show how much signal drops as higher and higher frequencies are sent in.
    Audio frequencies are fairly slow compared to CATV-RF, Video, HD/Progressive Video, DSS signals. So virtually ANY coaxial cable (CATV stuff from Radio Shack/hardware store will do).
    Dive into the cable specs at
    Notice the legend: db/100ft - this means Signal Reduction in DB over 100 feet of cable.
    The coaxial digital signals are much more robust because they are digital. People often run 40-60 feet of CATV coax from the bedroom to the receiver in the living room and get perfect transmission of digital signals.

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