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    Hi all
    Any ideas or thoughts about the best type of cable coaxial I should install. At a recent trip to my local Lowes Home improvement Center I noticed some "Quad Shield Rg6 5mHz -2300 " cable. It sold for $39.86 for 100ft. Not quite sure what " Quad Shield " is. I have about 50ft or so of RG-59/U 22 AWG (UL) CL2X/CATV cable that I was going to use, but would like to use better if it makes a difference. Also along the same lines is it going to matter what was previously installed up to that point? The total run of cable is about 50 ft or so and will be split before it comes into the HT room. And one last thought, well two do signal booster amplifiers work all that well? And what about those $11.00 dollar splitters, should I spring for the best all way round?
    Thanks All
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    RG-6 is better than RG-59. You will need the greater bandwidth if you are ever going to be using satalite. A standard shield has one foil and one braided shield. A quad shield doubles this (2 of each). Quad shield can be harder to terminate. I would buy RG-6 by the foot to get what you need. Splitting the signal does degrade it. The splitter should be labled with the loss. The lower number the better. Most splitters divide the loss across all ports, but there are others that focus it all on one port. Good quality amplifiers work well, but do you think you need one?

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