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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Ronald Epstein, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Special Edition re-release Sells Nearly 1 Million Units on DVD and Video In First Day.

    BURBANK, Calif., March 2, 2005 - Walt Disney’s timeless masterpiece, BAMBI, has eclipsed all same day DVD/VHS competition with first day sales reaching one million units on DVD and video in North America. After 63 years, BAMBI’s one million units sold has proven it is still beating a forest-full of competition.

    "BAMBI’s success is a testament to the enormous success of the Disney Platinum Series of DVDs. We couldn't be more excited about the heartfelt response to a classic that will now be enjoyed by many more generations to come,” said Lori MacPherson, Vice President of Brand Marketing and Product Management for Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

    BAMBI is one of Walt Disney’s greatest triumphs and one of the all-time most requested Disney classics. It is widely believed that BAMBI has had the greatest impact on viewers of any Disney film. Originally Theatrically released in 1942, it has been Theatrically re-released many times since for millions of fans. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of Walt’s legendary animators who worked on BAMBI, have ascribed the film’s continuing popularity to its dynamic mixture of fantasy and reality.

    BAMBI is a film experience so strong that neither heart nor mind can ever forget it. The young deer Bambi grows to adulthood as he experiences the wonder and adventure of life in the Forest. BAMBI’s unforgettable iconic characters include Thumper the playful rabbit, Flower the lovable skunk and Owl, the wise friend. Through changing seasons, fans will be “twitterpated” by the endearing classic tale of Bambi, the young prince of the forest.

    The new 2-disc DVD features state-of-the art remixed sound with the all-new 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix. The extensively remixed soundtrack provides dramatic clarity and crisper sound. This all-new digital restoration, done exclusively for this Special Edition DVD release, required a team of film, computer and animation experts to apply the most advanced technology and talent the studio has ever assembled. These efforts have restored BAMBI’s extraordinary artwork to dazzling brilliance. The groundbreaking technology employed includes detailed frame-by-frame work on over 110,000 frames, requiring more than 9,600 hours of work! This has resulted in stunning digital images with a far greater range of both color and density. The quintessential Walt Disney classic now comes to life as never before.

    The BAMBI Special Edition Disney DVD features a forest-full of bonus materials. Included are “Inside Walt’s Story Meetings” – a trip back in time where viewers experience the production of “Bambi” with Walt Disney himself and his creative team; never-before-seen deleted sequences created from original storyboards; the all-new “Forest Adventure Game” with eight games in multiple levels of challenge with something for all age groups from color recognition to trivia; special sneak-peek at the all-new movie “Bambi And The Great Prince of the Forest;” DisneyPedia; Disney Time Capsule 1942: the Year of Bambi; “Disney’s Storytime: Thumper Goes Exploring” an all-new story based on the classic; “The Making of Bambi;” original story concepts; music design, production stills; and much more. Available for a limited time only. 2-disc DVD $29.99 (S.R.P.); VHS $24.99 (S.R.P.).
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    Good, I was worried that Disney wasn't making enough money.

    Seriously though, they made a hell of an effort with this disc and they have been rewarded for it[​IMG]
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    And with a million more kids traumatized by you-know-what scene, that will provide work for a million more psychiatrists, who will then use that money to buy DVDs of Bambi for their kids, causing them to be traumatized and have to go to psychiatrists.

    That's the real circle of life. [​IMG]
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    This is one great disc set. I had this on VHS tape and the DVD makes this old film look new. Definitely worth a buy even if you don't have kids. My daughter has watched it about 700 to the 48 power times already. She is worried more with the fire than the scene with Bambi's mom.

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    and the next line should've been: "and if you enjoy this classic, you're just going to love Bambi 2. Buy it early buy it often."

    Seriously great performance for Bambi and I am one of those that purchased the DVD yesterday.

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