buying receiver need help yamaha or harman K

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by manny_k, Dec 2, 2005.

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    I'm new to home theaters and am currently researching receivers for the system I'm putting together slowly.
    The receiver I decided on (but have not yet purchased) is the Yamaha HTR5850. I went to a local shop to check it out, unfortunately they didn't have one in stock. The guy there showed me another receiver, the Harman Kardon AVR 135. He said the Yamaha receiver is not as great as it appears on paper and that the Harman Kardon receiver is much better.
    Can anyone shed some light which of these 2 receivers would be a better choice?
    I noticed the wattage rating on the HK is 40 and the Yamaha is 90, but the guy in the store said all manufacturers use different methods of rating, and the 40 Watts on HK is much higher than the 90 watts on the Yamaha.

    I'm looking for a receiver that would do a good job for both movies and music. If there is another receiver I should consider, that's in the same price range as these 2, please let me know.

    Also, the guy at the store told me not to worry about the video inputs on a receiver in that range because the receiver's video card is not the greatest and will degrade my picture quality. He said it's best to connect my video directly to the tv. Is this true?

    Thanks for any information I get.

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    "and the 40 Watts on HK is much higher than the 90 watts on the Yamaha."

    Replace "much higher" with "more truthful". Choice in receivers these days is both complex and simple - simple for me because I want ease of use above all. I have a feeling that sound is more a result of loudspeaker choice, so I pick the amp that won't give me fits, ergonomically speaking. Overall build quality is a primo factor, too, but these days, with so much plastic around, this becomes a gray area, and it's possible for an ugly duckling to spank a swan any day.

    Any device in a signal path will degrade the signal, period. Wether or not it's perceptible is up to you. You will have the opportunity to decide for yourself upon installation. I don't go directly to the TV, all video goes to the AVR, and it'd be silly to argue about any degredation at all, I get a pristine picture.

    I had an AVR110 and loved it, never had any issue with power at 40*5. Fantastic piece of gear. My neighbor has a Yamaha, seems fine, but the menu system drove me nuts and the manual didn't help much. Steeper learning curve, maybe.

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