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Buying Rear Projector from Online retailer pros/cons? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 14, 2001
I'm in the market for a 16X9 Rear Projector and I've found some great prices by some on line retailers. I'm a bit hesitant because I've never used a on line retailer for such a expensive purchase. The retailer I was going to use was Onecall.com and according to Panasonics web site they are an authorized on line dealer which put me somewhat at ease. The TV I was looking at is the Panasonic PT53WX42 or the Panasonic PT47WX42. Has anyone ever used an online retailer for a Projector TV and what was your experience as far as customer service and the efficiency of the delivery?
Dec 14, 2002
I ordered my Toshiba 42hdx82 from Onecall. Delivery and price were outstanding. Keep in mind though, you cannot return the set to Onecall if you have a problem. You will have to rely on warranty repair.

Depending on the techs who come to work on your set (not necessarily factory certified) you could have a good result or a bad result.

If you want your set replaced you would have to push the manufacturer, unless you have an extended warranty that allows for replacement after a certain number of failed repair attempts. You can read horror stories about warranty service gone bad on many a RPTV on different forums. For example, sometimes the set is brought back to watchable condition, (lets say one or more CRTs got replaced) but your greyscale gets trashed and the set looks worse then when it was new. Bottom line, if I had it to do over again, I doubt I would buy online because you cant return it to the store.

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