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Buying new TV this weekend.. Panasonic CT-36HX41 vs Toshiba 36hf71 (1 Viewer)


Mar 11, 2000
My 1998 Sony 35XBR48 will be in the nearest landfill after 3 1/2 years of use due to a bad picture tube. Now I need a 36 inch replacement that is hdtv ready.

I'm sure many of you have looked at the two sets I'm considering and have definite opinions.

Panasonic CT-36HX41
Toshiba 36hf71

should I also consider the Hitachi 36UDX105 even though it doesn't have a flat screen?

I spoke with Panasonic this afternoon and the only difference that the CT-36HX42 (replaces CT-36HX41 this summer) will have is an 8bit processor for PIP. That does not interest me at all.

Adam Bluhm

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Feb 9, 2002
I hope I'm not too late, Mike. I'm not a real regular at this forum, so I'll say what I can.
I've had a look at the Panasonic HD sets at Circuit city. The colors are excellent. However, it may have been what CC had them hooked up to, but it almost looked pixely. It may have been just that particular tv. It may have been the showroom settings.
Anywho, I've seen multiple Panny sets, and if you can get over some possible geometry issues, they make for some good sets.
As for Toshiba, I've never had a chance to view them. The one time I made a trip to do so, they have the Toshiba disconnected. I have heard very good things about Toshiba. If you haven't taken time to look for yourself, I'd recommend to do so.
I wish I could give you an opinion reguaring the two, but I just don't have the Toshiba under my belt. If I were to base this purely on hearsay, I'd go with Toshiba. Howerver, Panny just looked so good at Circuit City.
I know I didn't help you too much with an opinon, here. I guess maybe you should go out and take a look, if you get the chance. :)

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