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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Planet_jake, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Planet_jake

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    Feb 20, 2004
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    My wife and I are currently looking for a nice little gem for our new apartment. We are looking for something of quality: wide screen, at least 25", nice picture, and under $600. Anyone have any tips?

    we found this at best

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Allan Jayne

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    Nov 1, 1998
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    Things to look for:

    At least three video inputs, video 1, video 2, video 3 you can choose with the remote, (hint, find 3 sets of red/white audio input, not audio output, jacks in back)

    Preferably one input taht is component input, with red, green, and blue jacks.

    Preferably with a real 16:9 mode if it is natively 4:3.

    Preferably that it changes channels really fast when you push the buttons including the numbered buttons on the remote.

    Preferably with good convergence, no noticeable rainbow fringes around subject matter at the edges.

    Video hints:
  3. John S

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    Nov 4, 2003
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    A little over budget....

    But this one at Walmart gets excellent reviews from all I have read who have purchased it.

    The Integrated HD Tuner is a way value add with this one, as you get HDTV out of the box if you have local OTA HD in your area.

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