Buying new RPTV on a budget - please help!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Joe.Hutch, Dec 8, 2003.

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    I've decided to replace the family room TV (an old Toshiba 30" tube) with a widescreen RPTV. My problem - I'm on a budget - the TV must cost below $1800. This makes it much more interesting...DLP/LCD is out of my price range.

    We sit about 8-10' away from the screen - so larger is better. There is ambient light from the windows in the family room, so front projection is out. The tv will be used for standard cable (50%), DVD movies (30%), and video games (20%). HDTV cable will be available in 6 months or so....

    Based on my research at bestbuy (not the greatest, but I've always had good service from our local store), I have come up with the following possibilities:

    Samsung HCN-5527W
    JVC AV56WP74
    Panasonic PT-53WX53
    Toshiba 51H83

    I want a screen at least 50" - smaller than that does not look like much of an improvement over the 30" 4:3 tube. Unfortunately, I can't afford to go to 57" or better.

    Some questions I have are:
    1) Reliability is important to me. I plan on purchasing the extended warranty. I have had reliability issues with Toshiba equipment in the past, so I am leery about purchasing Toshiba equipment - does anyone else care to comment on this?
    2) How important is 720p? All of these sets do 480i/p, and 1080i. Is the xbox the only device that broadcasts in 720p?
    3) Screen resolution. Some of these unit specify a maximim of 1000 horizontal lines (Samsung), while others are at 1200 horizontal lines (JVC). Usually more is this true here?
    4) comb filter - 3d digital vs. 3d y/c digital - any real improvement from one over the other?
    5) Motion compensation - the samsung does not have it - how important is this?

    Thank you for your consideration - in at least reading this far!!
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    I'd recommend the Toshiba or Panasonic RPTVs.

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