Buying first home. what should I be looking for

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  1. Chris S

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    Chris S
    My wife and I are about to begin looking at homes in our area. We are thinking probably a 3 bedroom 2 bath, so nothing to large, but I would really like to have one of the rooms be a home theater room. So my question is what should I be looking for? Is there any particular room layout that is best suited for HTs? I currently have a Toshiba TW40X81 and will probably not be going to projection anytime soon so that should help a little I think. Any suggestions?

    Chris S.
  2. Mike LS

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    Jun 29, 2000
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    The best possible thing would be to look for a house with a basement. Of course there's a big $$ difference there. May not be an option.

    Look for an extra rectangular room. Maybe a family room or house with a living room and a den. That way you can have a formal living room and your HT.

    As far as size, that'll depend on your equipment.
  3. Matt Stryker

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    Long rectangular rooms work best with projectors, and if you are thinking about going that direction in the future, thats what I would look for. Also the floor construction (eg concrete slab does not transmit bass energy as well) and the ceiling height are important. The ideal HT room should also have as few openings (doors/windows) to preserve the enclosed space of the room.

    Also if you have an RPTV (and especially if you are considering FPTV) the ability to control light is key.

    Basements are pretty rare in Texas I would guess(your frost line is low, probably around 1-3", so there is no need) so look for an extra bedroom, or ideally, a big bonus room over a garage.

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