buying aSony Front side projector or rear side projector

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Malcolm C, Apr 13, 2004.

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    Apr 10, 2004
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    I’m not sure how Sony projectors are rated, but I have a family member who gets a significant discount on Sony products. I was looking at the Sony 71'' projection TV, after using the room calculator, it may be too big for my space (my room is 8' by 16' with 7'8'' ceilings. I also was looking at the projector that hangs from the ceiling, I May not have room for that either. I'm still looking for info on the clearance need for the units. This is a dedicated movie room.

    How do you all feel about Sony products?

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    You could easily do a 71" screen in a 16' room if you're willing to pull the couches back a little (compared to where they are in your schematics on the website). If you're sitting 9 or 10 feet away you'll be perfectly fine. Now, if you can get a really good deal on all Sony products I would be very tempted to go for a Sony CRT front projector, but that may or may not be out of your price range.

    My opinion of Sony is that if you can get a good price on it then there's not much reason not to get one. Price is often argued against Sony, but it sounds as if that won't be a barrier in your situation.
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    sony no longer produces their CRT FP units, not sure if they have models still floating around, but you likely wouldn't be able to take advantage of any employee discounts anyway. and you're still talking a *major* chunk of change.

    Their flagship G90 is now being replaced by the Qualia SXRD. We'll see if that will be as good. As a CRT guy, having seen both, they are pretty different. we'll see what the reviews say.
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    My dedicated HT room is 9'x16' with a variable ceiling height of 6.5' to 7.5'. I have a FP hanging from the ceiling projecting onto an 80" (building an 85" now) screen. I have two rows of seating. Front row is 9' and the back is 12' from the screen.

    Go FP, you have the room for it and you can go bigger than 71". You can further save money by DIY'ing your screen.

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