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    I have a few questions in regards to buying a new DVD player. And was hoping to reap the benefit of all the vast knowledge out there.

    Right now I have an analog tv which I hope to upgrade next year to HDTV, so I am looking at progressive scan player preferably with a 5 disc changer.

    My first question is do I need a progressive scan player if I have a HDTV. The reason I ask is that a salesman at circuitcity told me that the HDTV will upgrade the signal from a player with component outputs, making the progressive scan player overkill.

    I am looking at the following units:
    Sony NC-655P
    Panasonic DVD-C67K
    Panasonic DVD CP72
    JVC XV F-80

    Any comments on the above players as far as reliability and quality? Or any other players out there in the $200 - $250 price range?

    Thanks for any comments!
  2. Jack Briggs

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    Jun 3, 1999
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    An HD-capable display will use its internal line doubler to produce a progressive-scan image from an interlaced-only DVD player. Question is, how good is the set's line doubler? Many line doublers in earlier-generation HD-capable sets introduced annoying artifacts into the image. And, also, does the set in question employ 2:3 pulldown circuitry?

    As a rule, though not always, it is better to use the progressive signal and 2:3 pulldown processing in a modern DVD player than to rely on the monitor's ability to perform these functions.
  3. Steve Schaffer

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    If you're buying a new player anyway, get progressive scan. The quality of the line doubler and 3/2 pulldown in the set can vary--some are quite good (Pioneer, Sony, Toshiba) and others not so good.

    If you already have a good interlaced player and purchase a set that does a good job of line-doubling, purchase of a progressive scan player is not absolutely essential, but if you're getting a new player anyway it makes sense to get a progressive scan model.

    I have a Sony KP57HW40 widescreen set which does a very good job with interlaced dvd, and still see a noticeable improvement from a progressive scan player vs interlaced. Not a huge improvement, but noticeable.

    I had the JVC you mention for a year and it was quite good--nice picture quality for film sources and it has the scaling feature for non-anamorphic dvds. I recently got the Panasonic CP-72 and it has a little smoother, more colorful, and more detailed picture on film sources and a more noticeably better picture on video-based dvds, but does not have the scaling feature.

    The Panny will play dvd-a, the JVC won't. Either player is imho a great buy in the $250 price range.
  4. Asa_M

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    Sep 11, 2002
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    i'm also about to scoop up a new dvd player...
    i been looking at getting the Onkyo DV-CP500 , 5-disc & progressive scan
    i am replacing a 3-yr old jvc xvd701 (p.o.s)
    anybody got experience with this or similar onkyo model?
    peep it here:

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