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May 16, 2002
I have posted part of this question before:
But did not get any responses...
Also I went last night to local Video Only store and they seem to have pretty good prices and comprehensive warranty for $99 for 3 years.
There they have:
Sony KP57HW40 57 inch - $2699
Toshiba 57HX81 57 inch - $2699
Hitachi 53UWX10B 53 inch - $2399
The girl there was really pushing Hitachi, saying its way better than Toshiba and Sony referring to Consumer Reports rating that one as #1. I know Cons. Rep. is often way off mark... Heard this set has power supply, "bulls eye" and green shift problems...
She was also thinking that 9' from 57" is too close that I should go with 53" or smaller. I read posts that said 7' from 65" is just fine.
The prices seem fare, and I am really leaning towards Sony 57HW40, but the last thing to throw the monkey wrench into this whole picture is that new sets are just around the corner. So should I wait or jump in and get a set now?
I will most likely watch DVDs only from a Panasonic DVD player with SVHS output (no component video out or progressive scan).
Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

Masood Ali

Supporting Actor
Jan 31, 2002
At my local Video Only, they tend to push the Toshibas. Generally I agree with them, but I also like the Sony a lot. They don't even carry the Hitachi down here.

With the new models coming out, you could probably wait. It would probably drop the prices on the current models down $500.

David WS

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Apr 25, 2002
I have a new (4 weeks) Hitachi 43UWX10b. Besides a mishap with the delivery guys (they managed to smash the mirror into hundreds of pieces) the TV has been rock solid. The Consumer Reports ratings focus on the Build quality, customer service/satisfaction and other "consumer" related topics. It doesn't necessarily mean that the Hitachi is the Best HDTV as far as pure performance. My set looks fantastic and I have no complaints regarding picture quality. Others on this forum say the Hitachis are not a easy to tweak as the Toshibas but I have not found my set to be very difficult at all. Of course I don't have any experience with other HDTVs.
You can visit
This site to help figure out viewing distances and Link Removed site to compare screen sizes. Both were helpful to me in picking out my new set.
Masood is probably right that the prices on these sets will drop, but if you wait for that to happen it will be because the new line of sets with DVI/HDCP will be arriving. I would venture to guess that the new lineups will be close to the current prices. If you wait that long, I'd encourage you to get at TV with DVI/HDCP capability.
Just my $.02

Miles M

Jan 21, 2002
Regarding waiting, I agree with David that if you wait for prices to drop, sets will be out with DVI by then. I would encourage anyone ready to spend over $2k to wait maybe 3 months, by then most manufacturers will have released new sets which have DVI(with HDCP of course). I don't necessarily think DVI is good for the consumer, but if that is the way the trend is going, it's best to have a set with DVI.

As far as TV's, I have a Hitachi 53UWX10B and would also highly recommend this set. I have calibrated this set with VE and it looks great. There is a very detailed service menu which offers many 'tweaks' if you are daring enough. And though it has automatic convergence, you can do it manually through a service menu and get the convergence dead on. I watch my friends color TV's and the convergence is no where near as good as on my Hitachi PTV. I have no doubt that if you have this TV professionally calibrated by an ISF tech, it can match/beat any TV in it's price range. I don't think just because consumer reports rated it #1, that means it is not a high end set(which is what seems implied by many on this board).

Bottom line, if it were my money I would wait a few months and get a set with DVI/HDCP and 1394 if possible. Whatever TV set you choose, if it has these features at least it should be 'future proof'.


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Jun 27, 1999
I recently purchased a Sharpvision 55RPW5H Wide Screen HD ready set and at 9' it seemed a little close. I pushed the couch back 1' and it's more comfortable, for me. My manual says 10-14' is recommended, but it's up to you in the end. The 53" maybe a better choice, especially if the room isn't very wide and you have speakers to place adjacent to the set.
This is a great set and I paid

Mark Amayao

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Dec 13, 2001
Great TVs .... all of them .... once IFSD.

as per the performance aggreement/warranty ...

The price seems too good to be true ... 99$ for 3 years

Make sure that you read this agreement thoroughly ....

Make sure that they just dont refund the 99$ you spent on the service if a problem arises that costs too much .... incidents of that nature have happened.

Usually retailers have services that cost 300-500$ for five years but have unlimited service calls and will replace a unit if it is unrepairable .... "No-Lemon" guarantee ......

And double check and quote the return policy with Video Only ....... Once opened and watched I Believe you cant return it.......

Other than that just use that precaution ....

Oh I sit about 12 feet from my 47 inch panny ...... but will soon have a 85 inch screen front projector and will prolly only back up a foot or 2 ...... happy viewing


May 16, 2002
Thank you for your advice, I guess I will try to wait and see the new Sony sets and see how much the old one drops.

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