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Jerry Gracia

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Oct 20, 1998
I had BURNOUT on the PlayStation 2 since it was first released on that system. I have unloked ALL tracks and cars including the BUS and the TOW TRUCK. It is a very fun arcade racing title that puts you in the middle of busy city and highway traffic while trying to win a race against 3 other AI cars. Two player mode is even better!
I just bought the XBOX version out of curiousity...I wanted to see what difference there might be. Apparently, there are some impressive differences...
Smoother and more detailed. The road surface has a more bumpy/realistic look to it. There are less jagged edges in this version (although there are still some to be found - not as bad as on the PS2 version). Cars reflect their environments in real-time and the occassional sun glare off of the road gives the XBOX version a nice touch in realism. Running both versions at the same time, 1 lap on the PS2 (pause) then 1 lap on the XBOX, the differences are as clear as day! I picked the same color car and the same tracks for this A/B test.
Hands down, the Dolby Digital 5.1 on the XBOX version is much better than the matrixed surround on the PS2. The 5.1 puts you there audibly. When you go recklessly flying past traffic, you'll hear them wizz by from front left or right to left rear to right rear seperatly...it's pretty awesome!
I found myself handling the vehicles just as good as I handled them on the PS2 version...not much change here. (for me, anyway).
I recommend the XBOX version over the PS2 version if you own both systems and think you might like this type of racing game. Ofcourse, if you only have the PS2 or GameCube, try it out anyway! :)

James St

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May 8, 1999
Thanks for the input, Jerry. "HDTV compatible" sounds a little too vague to me since some would consider 480p as HD. If the game did support 1080i then I'm sure someone would have posted it by now.

Daren Welsh

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Jan 16, 2002
I've rented this game and tried it on my HD input. It only does 480p output, at best. When I disable 480p (but keep 1080i enabled) it just reverts to 480i.

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