Burn In, Stretch Modes, Upconversion: Help!

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    I plan to purchase a RPTV in the next few months and am leaning towards a 55 to 57 inch HDTV ready widescreen even though I expect to watch over 75% 4:3 material (I just can't see paying the $$$ for a 4:3 TV when the future is widescreen).

    Help me decide which TV to purchase based on the following:

    * No 480i and 480p upconversion to 540p
    * Best technology to reduce uneven phosphor wear (e.g., gray bars, image floats left and right, etc.)
    * Best stretch modes

  2. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    no upconversion from 480i to 540p eliminates Toshiba and Hitachi (though Hitachi is said to do this much better than Tosh).

    Best technology to prevent burn in is for you to calibrate the set to take it out of the factory preset "torch mode" and avoid prolonged bright stationary images. I did this on my first rptv and watched hours of widescreen movies with black bars, played hours of video games, and used the set as a webtv monitor for 2 or 3 hours nightly for 3 months and suffered no burn-in whatsoever. I would not make any technology such as shifting the screen a make or break issue, and all widescreen sets have the gray bar option.

    Best stretch modes are on Tosh (eliminated in step 1), Pioneer, and Sony from what I've observed. Worst were on Mits (last year's models, this years may be better) and Hitachi. Haven't seen any Panny stretch modes so can't comment.
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    The Pioneer is either 53" or 64". If your 55"-57" size is firm, then its down to Sony (or maybe the others - Panasonic,Samsung, Philips, etc.)

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