Burn-in from TiVo screen borders -- any solution?

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  1. Jim

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    I posted a message on another TiVo forum regarding some slight burn-in associated with continued use of the TiVo screens, since they all share a white border around 3/4 of the screen. This is on my Sony RPTV, using TiVo for over 18 months now.

    I think TiVO is great, but I am hoping to get TiVo Inc. to look into changing those borders so that this can be minimized in the future.

    I'm posting here, since one of the people over there suggested sending a white signal as a "cure" -- here's an excerpt of that reply:


    You can unburn your CRT if the damage isn't extensive.

    Professional CRT video walls actually display white for 15 minutes after every power-up to make sure burn-in isn't visible on the CRT cubes. The same idea works for televisions... if you're starting to see CRT burn-in, send a pure white (100%) full-screen still video image to your TV for a little while (15 mins or so), then go back to watching TV. Rinse and repeat until the burn-in isn't visible anymore, usually 6-10 applications. Once a day is fine, twice a day won't hurt.

    Works most of the time, in non-severe burn-in cases.


    Since you guys are the experts on this sort of thing, is this something that should really be done? Am I wearing the tubes out more by doing this, effetively doing more harm than good in the long-term?


  2. Michael St. Clair

    May 3, 1999
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    What are your brightness and contrast settings?

    The white thing doesn't sound bad, but I'm not an expert. If it does work, they should make an 'all white' DVD to play.
  3. Guy Kuo

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    An all white screen doesn't really "unburn" the screen. What one attempts to accomplish with an all white screen is to wear down the rest of the phosphor to help even things out. If it is successful, you do make the burn in less visible but you also permanently reduce the light output of the rest of the phosphor surface. I guess one could put the AVIA disc into its repeat pattern mode and display the 100 IRE field pattern to effect an all white screen, but I'd proceed with grave caution.

    Temporarily turn contrast way way down whenever you are in the TiVo menues and lists for anything over a few minutes.

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