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    I've just looked at the forum for a couple of days and must admit that I'm somewhat overwhelmed. My first TV was given to us right after grad school in 1959--it had a round screen! I've been distinctly behind the curve ever since [ who needs color to watch Gunsmoke reruns?] Well, I thought I'd try better once. I've already ordered my gear befor I found the forum but there are piles of questions that arise on hookup and sources. I'll make every effort to hold it down but will apprciate help you can afford. My equipment so far:

    CambridgeSoundWorks MC300: LCR, 4xSurrounds, sub

    Onkyo 989

    Sony KV-36XBR

    Toshiba 3755

    el cheapo VCR [ I'll replace this if it'll help ]

    Some Q's:

    We have really poor cable available; I don't have digital but I understand that digital increases the number of channels but does not do much for quality. Is that correct?

    I just got DirecTV DSL. If I got their satallite TV service would it have significant HDTV? Are there other high quality input sources?

    What is TOSLINK?

    I did a search on hookup and found it daunting; perhaps in due course I'll ask for help in narrowing this down.

    I appreciate the help and your conduct policies.
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    Welcome and thanks for asking !!
    You will get different answers - there may be not right or wrong.
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    I second what Robert says. If your local channels broadcast digital TV for at least CBS and ABC, you will get a decent amount of high-quality programing (picture wise). NBC currently has the Olympics in 1080i and it is great. A Samsung SIR-T150 is an off-air only Digital box that can be had for around $400-500.
    Analog TV generally looks better than Dish Network due to Dish's high compression rates. Off-air digital TV looks very very good, even in standard difinition (SD). Of course HD looks fantastic. My 65" bigscreen was just about unwatchable with Dish, and barely watchable with off-air analog. Very watchable with off-air SD (some programs almost DVD quality) and breath-taking with off-air HD (better than DVD quality).
    Toslink cables are much more expensive than digital coax but provide no difference in quality, so if you can use digital coax to hook up your equipment, then use it before Toslink. As can be seen in the picture provided by Vince, Bettercables.com is a very good source of cable products.
    Go to http://www.titantv.com and http://www.hdpictures.com/sched.htm
    to determine what off-air digital tv is available in your area.

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