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    Oct 22, 2001
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    I'm not sure if the current Tai Seng release of John Woo's "Bullet In The Head" is the uncut version. I believe the original cut is somewhere around the 130-150 minute mark. Years ago it was rumored that Criterion would be putting out a definitive cut with Woo's participation. Too bad it wasn't mentioned during the recent chat. If anyone else has any info on this amazing film (I think it's Woo's masterpiece) please share it. Thanks!
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    Oct 26, 2000
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    Well I don't know anything about a 150min director's cut but I have the long Tai Seng version of Bullet in the Head that runs 126min. The other TS version ran 90min.
    The version I have is the only cut I have ever seen and it certainly is not watered down as far as violence goes, so I assume it is uncut. The DVD isn't refrence quality but it isn't horrible either. I recomend this version highly because Mirimax now has the rights to the film, and it is my understanding that they no longer release unrated or NC-17 films. So this is probably your best chance to get a version of the movie that is not drasticly edited to remove violence.
    Hope this helps.
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    Mar 3, 2001
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    I don't know anything about a Tai Seng release, but I've got a MegaStar version, distributed by MegaStar, licensed by Media Asia. This version clocks in at 126 min.
    Not that they are the end all resource, but the IMDb does list a 136 min. Hong Kong version, and a 125 version for the United Kingdom.
    Here's some pertinent info, explicitly plagiarized from the IMDb (mods, edit if editing is needed.)
    "The German version, although rated 18, is heavily cut (ca. 30 minutes).
    In 1997 the German distributor re-released the film on video as an uncut version.
    The Hong Kong VCD version uses an alternate ending where Tony Leung kills Waise Lee in the office instead of the long gun-duel finale.
    Tai Seng VHS tape and the original Hong Kong laserdisc runs 120 minutes with many scenes omitted, notably the finale and is missing end credits.
    'Made in Hong Kong' VHS from Britain and DVD from Media Asia is the longest version of the film available (legally). It runs 126 minutes. The finale and the end credits are intact.
    To date, the complete, 136 minute cut is only available through French laserdisc."
    So, there ya go. Time to look for the French laser. [​IMG]
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    The Tai Seng version is simply the Megastar version import with a Tai Seng sticker slapped on. It's longer than most of the cuts out there and is probably the best we're ever going to see on an NTSC DVD. Harvey "Scissorhands" Weinstein will most certainly cut the film drastically for the Miramax/Buena Vista release.

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