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    Hey all,

    Was hoping someone could help out on this in the buisness world. Our OFfice has a Digital Imarger Sharp, AR-M277 Machine. It has an ethernet port and an automatic feeder on top.

    We where told that it might be able to be converted into a scanner, with appropriate programs, so we can scan in office documents, have them sent to a machine dedicated to scanning in the office, so they could be saved/modified there...

    Has anyone managed to do such a thing with this machine, and if so, who did you contact at Sharp to get it started? It's either this, or buy a $600 machine that does the same thing, only knowing for sure that it's designed to do what we need. We're not 100% sure the AR-M277 is devoted to this......

    Hope this note wasn't too confusing, but if anyone can help, greatly appreciated [​IMG]
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    Our department has a Sharp copier that has network printing and scanning features. The main panel on our copier has an Image Send function that allows you to scan images (from the bed or auto sheet feeder) and then send them over the network to the designated machine.

    As one would expect, Sharp has their own software that controls this process. I belive it is called SharpDesk. Once you setup SharpDesk on a machine, it sends it's IP information to the copier. The designated name will then show up in the Image Send address directory.

    Good luck!

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