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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by BrianTwig, May 1, 2006.

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    Hello all. My first post. I am a complete novice and know nothing about Home Theaters or high end stereos. Have a new home and want to build a nice system for the family room. Here are the requirements and issues.

    First floor is 3 rooms that total about 2,000 square feet. Two of the rooms are connected with no dividing wall or obstructions other than a knee wall for about half the distance. This divides kitchen from family room. The living room is connected to this with a large opening. Hardwood floors in kitchen and living room. Family room has berber carpet.

    Now, I am not a big movie guy and rarely watch them. My wife rarely watches them, and when she does, she could care less about the sound. In fact, she hates surround sound. But its not her system and she has no say in the matter. I pretty much only listen to heavy metal. Mostly Metallica. Also Primus, Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer. You get the picture. I also likely don't have the ears to distinguish between top of the line audiophile equipment and entry level audiophile stuff.

    I am also going with inwall speakers, except the Sub. But I can be talked into that.

    I love bass. When I listen to Metallica I want James's riff to be super crunchy and tight. Kirk's solos to just scream. Jason's bass to thunder. And Lars's drums, especially the bass drum to just hit you in the chest.

    I listen to a lot of live recordings as well.

    Now, I have been referred to a local audio store by some friends who have purchased equipment there in the past and I have only heard good things about the store and its owner. I am on a max budget of $2,500. Here is what he has suggested that he believes fits my budget and will do what I like. I have listened to it and I like it. But there were several customers in the store and I didn't get to really listen to it at upper volumes to see how it reacts when pushed. Plus he has everything set "flat" so I didn't get to tweak the levels to see what I could do with them. I am not worried about that though. So here is the set up.

    Marantz SR 5600 receiver
    NHT IW3 for my fronts and surrounds
    NHT IW2 for my center
    NHT SW12 for my sub.

    This brings me in under budget, which is good because I really need to buy a new CD player, preferably a 5 disc. My current player is pushing 15 years old. And being that movies are not that important I am just going to pick up a quality but inexpensive DVD player.

    The above set up brings me in at around $2,100. Can not remember component prices at this time.

    Given the budget I have, whats important to me, and the music is almost exclusively listen too, coupled with my less than steller ears to distinguish differences, any one have other suggestions, comments, etc...? Thanks!
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    sounds like a solid set up. NHT makes great in wall speakers, but I've never heard their subwoofers. You may want to browes the speaker/subwoofer forums and do some research on good subwoofers in your budget...because that is what's importaint to you.

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