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Sep 11, 2017
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What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? Speakers and subwoofer, recevier

Primary Use: 90% TV & Movies

Desired Configuration: 5.1

Room Size: 14 x 24

Is the room open to other areas of your home: no

Do you already have an AV receiver or amplifier? No

TV source
: 120 inch projector

What's your budget (low to high): 2000 max on speakers

Any special requirements (Wife Acceptance)? have two young daughters and wife who doesnt like to be blown away. not looking to break any windows, just want a good solid home theater system and AVR to watch our disney movies. Not looking for anything crazy hard to put together so im not opposed to box home theater system. Considered Bose Accoustimass (I know you all of probable feel about bose lol) but have weaned off of that and now am interested in Klipsch R-26F system. any tips appreciated.

We are currently building our home so im not worried about wires. im not sure how good wireless systems are tho.
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Aug 22, 2000
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have two young daughters and wife who doesnt like to be blown away
That's why every receiver made has a volume control. While you might think "I'll never turn it up this loud", that's not the reason to go small. If you buy a Prius and drive it full speed, how well will it drive and last? If you buy a Corvette and drive it the same speed as the Prius, how well will it handle and how long will it last? You aren't pushing the sports car to its limits. Same with small speakers vs. larger ones. The less stress on a speaker to reach your optimum volume, the better it will sound.

now am interested in Klipsch R-26F system
Have you had an extended audition of Klipsch speakers? Many like them but a few find their horn tweeters fatiguing. Being from Arkansas, I am a HUGE fan of Klipsch and its roots in my home state but I do not like how they sound. I have determined that I like silk dome tweeters so I built all of my speakers with silk dome tweeters.

You list your source as a projector. That's not a source. DVD, Blu-ray, Roku, DirecTV, etc. are sources. Your projector is your display device.

Last thing, your room size is slightly larger than mine. I'm running the following:
Front 3 speakers - https://www.parts-express.com/project-gallery-speaker-project-the-d-iii
Powered by 2 - http://www.crownaudio.com/en/products/xls-1000 (about 375 watts per speaker)
a pair of subs similar to this - http://www.danmarx.org/audioinnovation/tc3000.html
powered by - https://www.parts-express.com/behringer-ep4000-europower-power-amplifier-2-x-1400w--248-748 (800w per sub)
My receiver is a 10+ year old Pioneer with MCACC auto calibration. Whatever receiver you choose, get auto calibration.
My surrounds are some old Polks I got from a co-worker and they are powered by the receiver.

That system is capable of rock concert levels but I don't come close to listening that loud (unless I'm home alone). I went overkill so that nothing is stressed and my sound is as distortion free as possible.

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