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    This is my first post here and I am a new found klipsch lover. I listen to music constantly on my system and the performance from klipsch is none short of amazingn. I am here looking for some advice.... I have: 2 rf 52s, Pioneer VSX 1020K Receiver, and a HSU STF2 sub.......... I have attached a pic of my room. Its small just a 10 by 10... I have about 400 to spend on my next purchase.... Should I be looking for a center channel or rear speakers first? Should I look into bookshelf or surround speakers for this room? What should I do about the fact that my head has to be prty close to the back wall? any suggestions would be very helpful. thanks [​IMG]
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    I would definitely go with a center channel first. Regardless of the order in which you purchase, your first 4 speakers should be the front three and a subwoofer. It is important, though, for the center speaker to be from the same product line as your mains. Check the Klipsch website to find out which center is ideal for you. This will ensure that sounds that pan across the front soundstage are consistent in tone from speaker to speaker.

    When you do get around to adding surrounds, you can probably get by with satellite-sized speakers (smaller than bookshelves) and mount them to the walls on either side of the room (in a 5.1 setup, the surrounds go on the sides, not the back wall).

    Your receiver's setup/configuration utility (if it has one) should be able to compensate for the placement asymmetry of the surround speakers.

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