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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by quefol, Jan 19, 2012.

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    hello im new here i hope i came to the right place im in the planning stage of building a home theater room in my basement and have a lot of questions but im just going to start off with a few for now first im going to have all my equipment on a 9 or 12u 19" rack mounted flush to the wall what would be a good rack to use is there any sugestions on a av recever that would mount to it im also planing to build a htpc what would be a good case and what about my satilite recever is there any way to mount it to the rack i hope someone can help me
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    Use a rack that is in your budget, has the features you need and holds all of your equipment. Asking an open ended question like that is like going to a car forum and saying "I need a new mode of transportation. What do you guys recommend?" Too many unanswered questions. Receiver - Get one with the features and connectivity you need. It should be able to drive the impedance of your speakers without overheating and shutting down. Make sure it has an automatic calibration system. I'm partial to Pioneer. Others like different manufacturers. We have a section dedicated to receivers. HTPC - I think we have a section for that as well. Never been in it. Satellite receiver - Yes, you can mount the receiver in the rack as well. I've seen pictures in magazines of it.. I think they used rack mounted shelves.

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