Building an FTP homepage from scratch

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    My cable internet connection gives me the option of building an FTP homepage for free but I'm not sure where to start. When I downloaded the necessary tool it opens up with two vertical columns one says Local File System which shows the contents of my hard drive and the other says No Host. I searched both Google and here at HTF but was unable to get headed in the right direction. Any suggestions?

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    You gotta get some things straight...

    First of all, i assume that you want to setup a website using the FTP?

    FTP stands for FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL. Its a protocal that transfers files (duh), but its not used to display websites. thats what HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol).

    The FTP allows you to transfer your HTML website and other files from your computer, to the computer at your ISP. The ISP holds your files, and lets you access them on the net. You cant 'view' websites with FTP. FTP merely allows you to transfer your files to webspace to be shown on the net.

    The FTP client you have you say has two columns. One is your computer, the other is the HOST, whihc is the webspace on your ISP's servers. You gotta LOGIN to the FTP site. The info should be given to you by your ISP, the site should be like or or is the common pattern for ISP FTP sites. The password and username is usualyl the same as the ones you used to sign up with.

    Once you're in the host, you can proceed on choosing the images/html files you wanna be shown on the web. You upload the files from your computer ot the host.

    Then your ISP should have a HTTP address that allows you to view your webspace using a browser. This is how you view the website you uploaded by ftp.

    Here's how the process kinda looks:

    Your computer ----Sends website files by FTP----> ISP Webspace ---Website files sent by HTTP----> Viewed on your web browser
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    I recommend checking out W3 Schools for some good tutorials on getting started with HTML and web pages. Once you feel comfortable writing HTML, you use the site again to learn more advanced web writing techniques (stylesheets, javascript, etc.). Enjoy!

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